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This Formulary is for use by prescribers across the Barnsley area. 

The development of the formulary has been overseen by the BarnsleyAPC and choices are based on clinical evidence as well as consultant and GP opinion. The formulary aims to provide information on medicines available to prescribers in Barnsley, reflecting safe, evidence-based, cost-effective choices.

The Formulary is not intended to be a static document and will be regularly updated. If you would like a drug to be considered for inclusion in the Formulary, the New Medicine Application Form is available via a link on the NetFormulary homepage, or alternatively, email


·         Searchable by medicine name / class / condition or BNF chapter/subsection

·         Hyperlinks to e-BNF, e-BNFc and to the electronic medicines compendium which holds Summaries of product Characteristics

·         First and Second choices shown where possible to assist cost-effective prescribing

·         Restricted medicines show approved indications and/or prescribers

·         Traffic light status displayed, and links to shared care guidelines provided where appropriate

·         Links to relevant local and national guidelines

·         Feedback - send us your comments!

 Partner organisations

·        NHS Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group

·        South West Yorkshire Partnership Fountation Trust (SWYPFT)

Information contained herein should not be used or issued to persons outside of the NHS without the prior approval of the Barnsley Area Prescribing Committee (APC) who manage the database. 

Updated August 2013

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