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Request Medicines Information Local Clinical Guidelines (accesible within BHNFT only) High Risk Loading Dose Prescriptions (accessible within BHNFT only)
Feedback to us! Prescribing Guidelines (Primary Care) Area Prescribing Committee Minutes and Memos
New drug application form Shared Care Information (including monitoring)  Barnsley Interface Issues Form
Traffic Light System Choosing medicines for patients unable to take solid oral dosage forms Possible alternatives to unlicensed specials
Patient Group Directions (PGDs) Suggestions for Drug Monitoring in Adults in Primary Care  NHS Barnsley CCG Medicines Management Newsletters
NICE TA Compliance Yellow Card Scheme MHRA  British National Formulary (BNF)
Sheffield CCG Medicines Management Webpage Doncaster CCG Medicines Management Website Rotherham CCG Medicines Management Webpage 


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